Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Republican Stupidity

It is not wonder that the Republican Party keeps on losing so badly.  They cannot seem to get rid of the most moronic among them:
On Wednesday, in a special meeting called by members of the Republican National Committee (RNC), a resolution was passed which calls for the Democrats to turn away from their socialist practices.
The resolution's wording was changed at the meeting primarily at the urging of RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Other committee members voiced objection to the original language as well, and thus, a compromise was forged. So, what was the hubbub all about and why were RNC members fearful of using the word "socialist?"
As noted in the Associated Press story on GOPUSA, "Republicans on Wednesday abandoned an effort to label their opponents the 'Democrat Socialist Party,' ending a fight within the GOP ranks that reflected the divide between those who want a more centrist message and those seeking a more aggressive, conservative voice."
So the leaders in the Republican party still seem to be incredibly hostile to the conservative members.  They are also giant cowards as well.
Let me lay it down for the Republican “leaders”: you are at war with the Democrat party.  Politics is the socialization of conflict.  And if a party cannot recognize this as a solid fact, then they will continue to lose.
John McCain lost for two major reasons: one, because he voted for the bailout and thus failed to distinguish himself from Barak Obama, and two, he failed to attack all of Obama’s flaws and failures.  Even George W. Bush pointed out that John Kerry was the most liberal member of the Senate.
If you want to win in any war, you go on the attack.  Defending yourself only means that time is on your opponent’s side.
And honestly, what the Democrats have been promoting for the past several decades is Socialism.  So calling them the Democratic Socialist Party of America is fairly accurate.  Rush Limbaugh successfully got the term “liberal” to be a curse word in America.  So calling the Democrats what they are and what philosophy they follow is definitely a good step in the right direction.
At this rate, however, I doubt the Republicans will win in 2010.