Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paul Begala is a Liar

I just read this commentary from Paul Begala.  Not only is it one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, it is also perfectly illustrates how devious and treacherous the statists are.

To sum it up, Begala talks about how April 15th, the deadline for filing tax returns, should be Patriots’ Day and that it is “the one day a year when our country asks something of us -- or at least the vast majority of us.”

Talk about unbelievable bull crap (at about mountain height).  Let me ask Begala something: have you ever tried not filing your tax returns?  Have you ever tried not paying your taxes?

I don’t know about a Clinton agent, but in the real world, when you do the first thing you will end up in federal-pound-me-in-the-butt prison.  And if you ignore the latter, you will end up with your wages garnishes without a court appearance.

A sacrifice is freely given by an individual.  Taxes are confiscated under the threat of prison time or massive debt.  There is no possible way to defend yourself if you make money and not pay your taxes.  The IRS will come after you with the full fury of Hell (or at least tons of men with guns).

The rest of the article features this Democrat strategist, whose livelihood depends on the success of the Democratic party, claiming that the TEA parties going on all around the nation are funded by rich people.  I could probably spend a whole other blog on this, but it wouldn’t be anything you couldn’t find elsewhere.  Let’s just say that it was OK for George Soros to buy the Democratic party through and start various extreme  left-wing “grassroots” movements of his own.

Paul Begala knows very well the implications of refusing to pay your taxes.  He knows very well what a real sacrifice is.  What he is doing is intentionally distorting the facts using clever spin and buzzwords to make it all look OK.  He cites only the necessary functions of government as the reasons for paying taxes, all of which could be completely funded at, at most, one-fourth of the current federal budget.

In short, he is lying about what taxes are and what they are all about.  He is distorting the facts in order to advance a political agenda.  He is unafraid to blatantly lie about it as well.

On one final note, just to show how dangerous the Democratic party is, he says toward the end, “Patriotism is putting your country ahead of yourself.”  This is the fascist at work.  No one ever conquers a nation without appealing to your altruism.  In short, he placing country ahead of the individual, just like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pinochet, Franco, and all those other dictators in the past century.

Patriot’s Day happens every year on July 4th.  Today is nothing more than a reminder that the government will get your money the hard way or the easy way.