Friday, April 3, 2009

The Only Way to Deal With Bullies

Now that former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has had all his felony charges dropped, it seems that the Republicans in Alaska are calling for the current Senator to step down. Apparently, the Republican party there feels that the few thousand voters who voted against Stevens did so because he was an apparent felon.

Despite what I've said in the past about Stevens, which I still stand by, I actually applaud the efforts of Randy Ruedrich and Sarah Palin to fight back against an obvious injustice. Now that the charges have been dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct, it's pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that the charges were trumped up so that Democrats could win an election.

For years now, ever since at least when Clinton was in office actually, the Democrats have used the Justice Department as their own political tool. I would say that the DOJ is nothing but a bunch of toolbags for the Democrat party whose sole purpose is to make political prosecutions rather than actual criminal investigations. But that would probably be too nice a thing to say.

The Democrat Party is nothing but a bunch of bullies and thugs at the national level. They use whatever power they obtain to further their own ambitions and bring up false charges against their political enemies and tarnish their good name. Curt Weldon is a great example of what happens to you when you mess with the Washington elite.

But it's about time that the Republicans started fighting back. I don't expect this complaint to go very far nor do I expect Mark Begich to step down from his Senate seat. It is heartening, however, to see a new tone coming from various Republican leaders.

When Elwin Ransom beat Dr. Weston (or, at least, the demons possessing Dr. Weston), it wasn't through reason or talking. Dr. Weston had intelligence as a weapon. But he had the body of an overweight, middle-aged man while Ransom had a much leaner, more in-shape body. He also was a good boxer. And even though their fight lasted for a long while (probably a day or so), Ransom persevered and destroyed the demonic vessel that called itself Weston. (Read C.S. Lewis' Perelandra if you don't know what I'm referencing here)

While I am not calling for the deaths of the Democrat leaders, it's high time we started to really fight them. This means that we accuse them of lying, cheating, stealing, and we call for investigations and public hearings. We tell everyone that these people are thugs and not decent upstanding citizens.

I am not asking anyone to lie either. This is the blunt truth of the matter. The Democrat Party is being run by thugs, tax cheats, liars, thieves, and scoundrels. Many of the top leaders are some combination of those things. The only reason I have no sympathy for Ted Stevens himself is because he was ranked among that group. This is one of the reasons he didn't get any sympathy for the charges brought against because a lot of people figured they were true, given his history with pork-barrel legislation.

The conservative movement, which embodies the principles of the Republican Party, has always had reason on its side. But that reason has not gotten any wins lately. It is high time that we all fight back with ferocity that makes the dirtiest of mudslingers look clean. And we can do it honestly and with integrity. Being humble and being a human doormat is not the same thing. Do not expect your enemy to extend to you the same courtesy that you would extend to them.

The only way to deal with a bully is to bloody his nose. Then he'll back off like the coward he truly is.