Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ron Paul's Folly

So even though Ron Paul correctly voted against the "stimulus" bill, he contributed tons of earmarks to it.

I expected this kind of sniveling, two-faced behavior from most other Republicans, who did contribute their own substantial share of earmarks into the bill and then voted against it, but not this guy. I had hoped that he would have been better than that. I hoped he would have taken the libertarian approach and not waste money, even if he was planning on voting against it.

I watched some of his defense on Cavuto's show and it was abysmal on his part. He couldn't answer a single question directly and he kept harping on how this money will be spent anyway. That's like saying that he's on a diet but he has to eat all the ice cream in the freezer because it will go bad anyway.

I voted for this man in the primaries. I felt that he was the most honest politician in DC, that he not only talked about conservative values, he lived them. But I was sorely mistaken apparently. It looks like he just like all the others, the only thing making him stand out was his opposition to the war in Iraq.

If Ron Paul has let the earmarks go to other districts, so what? At least he could say that he wasn't going to be a party to the President's disastrous economic policies. Now he can't say that because he knew the bill would pass anyway and by earmarking money in it that he was against the stimulus bill.

I'm so fed up with Congress. There is not a single one of them who deserve the power they have and the dumb masses continue to vote for them because of some farcical notion that government has to do something to fix their own lives. I'm sick and tired of politicians who don't stay true to their principles.

If Ron Paul had any integrity, he'd resign. He tell everyone that he misbehaved and that it's time he left that hell-hole the world calls Washington DC. There is no room for support of dishonest politicians who cannot hold fast to their values. Say what you want about Democrats, at least they are true to their principles.