Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nothing New (Or Just Too Busy To Care)

I know I haven't put anything new up lately, but that's because I've been extremely busy and because my office decided to filter out this website (those idiots at IT don't have problems accessing on their own workstations, I'm sure).

Right now, I am extremely busy outside of work. I am currently teaching Financial Peace University at my church, serving the youth, and trying to study for the Microsoft 70-535 exam. But I'll go ahead and write a few points down about my view on politics:

-Now that Hilary Clinton is out, it's really come down to a douche and a turd sandwich. Frankly, I'll probably write in a name for President.

-My local Congressional elections don't look all that great either. Last Tuesday was the Congressional primary and my guy, Amit Singh, didn't win. Instead we got Mark Ellmore, who lost to Jim Moran in 2006 by about 75%. Local Republicans here need to wake up and realize that this guy is a loser and he is doomed to lose again. I may just vote Libertarian or write-in there as well.

-No, I don't have time right now to engage in local politics. Maybe when I start to free up my schedule and my life isn't stuck in Baby Step 2 (see Dave Ramsey's site on Financial Peace), then I could start to work more. I think I will be in a position to do so when I pay off debt and have spent three years serving my church on the Servants Council. The best I will probably do is local county supervisor.

-Can we all please stop with the environmental-friendly bullcrap? It is getting old and costing me more money to drive and eat.

-Watch out for the government to take over the Federal Reserve. I think that is inevitable and may just be one more big shit sandwich the American people have to eat before things will get better.

-I recently read a long essay on a brief history of investment bankers and the United States government. It seems that since Grover Cleveland, Presidential administrations have been a who's who list of investment bankers or friends of prominent investment bankers. While I'm not big on conspiracy theories, I believe that they are responsible for the majority of wars we have fought in the past century. In any case, the current banking system in the United States is not capitalist, but statist (or fascist). This says a lot about the people who control the money supply.

-I prefer that we individuals take action in our lives first before we move the government to change. I believe that conservative (and libertarian) beliefs start at home and expands outward. Just raising your children with a good moral and political foundation will work wonders on this country in a few decades. I, for one, have given up on trying to change the government right now, solely because there are not enough like-minded people out there who will vote the way I would like. I think it is better to just live a life as free from the government as possible and to not rely on them for day-to-day things. I will still pay attention to what is going on and I will still vote, but understand that I will not be complaining as much about the way things ought to be, because, nobody will listen. Republican elites have made true conservatism look like shit because of their actions.

-Following Dave Ramsey's baby steps to financial peace (not wealth, necessarily) is probably the best thing you can do. If everyone age 40 and under followed his plan, there would be no Social Security crisis, no reason for food stamps, and welfare would be eliminated by the time we all reached retirement age. This may be the only way to dismantle the welfare state at this point.

-I really need to get a gun. But, again, first I need to pay off my debt and buy a home to defend.

-I have decided, recently, to try and get 100% of the value of the house I buy saved up before I purchase. It's a little crazy, but with God and a strong sense of self-control and my wife's support, I think I can do by the time I'm in my early thirties. With no debt, a fully paid for house, and an emergency fund that will keep my necessities taken care for six months, I will be able to build a sizable retirement fund, college fund, and anything else that my wife or myself care to save up for. We will also not beholden to banks or creditors. Frankly, I personally believe that anything you bought with any kind of loan is not ownership. Stop paying your car payment or mortgage and see if it's all still there in a few months.

-I really do appreciate this country and I love living here. I hope and pray that there won't be more government in the future. Hopefully, if any politician is foolish enough to try and implement another massive government program (like "Universal Healthcare"), media pundits will call them to task about funding, efficiency, and really ask why we would need it in the first place. I doubt many will, however.

-If you really want to be happy about things, cancel your Cable TV or Satellite service. You will save hundreds of dollars a year, have a much more peaceful outlook on life, and probably won't miss out on current events since you will be keeping your ISP.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I can write about more later this month when things calm down in my life. To whoever reads my blog, I appreciate your attention to this minor, spec of humanity and to be blunt, I really don't care if you disagree with me.