Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things to do

In my last post, I complained a lot and ranted about the current state of the conservative movement in the Republican party (there isn't one). But I'm done with all that. For the time being, I am depressed to the point that not even talk radio can cheer me up. All they talk about now is the Democrats (not much changes I guess) and I really don't care because, like the tag line for Aliens vs. Predator, whoever wins, we lose.

Frankly, I tired of all this. I'm tired of war. I'm tired of seeing my money go to a bunch of bitchy old farts and pathetic slobs who don't deserve it. I'm tired of seeing large corporations take advantage of all the politicians in Congress, from CitiBank to Boeing. I'm tired of Congress building shit that we don't need. And I'm frustrated that none of this is going to change because no politician seems interested in real change (except for Ron Paul, but everyone thinks he's crazy).

So instead, I'm going to list things that we all can do to bring about a better tomorrow without the government:

1. Live without debt, except for a mortgage. I know, you're thinking that the economy operates on consumer debt. Not true. It only operates on consumer spending. All you have to do is cut up those filthy credit cards and only buy stuff when you can pay for it. Don't get a car loan (because cars cost a lot of money without the payments on top of it) and don't get a 30 year mortgage. Save your money in a savings account, CD, or mutual fund. At least a mutual fund is an investment in the economy.

2. Don't plan on collecting Medicare or Social Security. Set aside at least 15% of your money for retirement in an IRA or 401(k) equivalent. Make sure that you invest it in mutual funds too, not just fixed interest. Fixed interest is for when you do retire.

3. Always vote for the candidate who wants to decrease spending and taxation. If no such candidate appears, then you need to vote for a write in. Stop thinking that if you don't vote for this asshole, the other asshole will bring about Armageddon. If you are a Christian, you know that mankind has no control of the End.

4. Cancel your cable TV service. You'll be much happier because you're not killing your brain cells with useless TV watching. The news service is crap. Sports are crap (go to the stadium or a sports bar if you have to watch them). I'm really considering giving up many of my TV shows, except for a few animated shows that make me laugh or get my heart pumping (Naruto, ATHF). Other then that, most shows are the same recycled shit. Start reading books instead.

5. Buy a gun. I really need to get one, but I don't have the cash right now. I really just want a small handgun that I can use to keep those goddamn schizophrenics away from me on the metrorail who are convinced that I am Satan.

6. Don't fly in a commercial airplane unless you have to (usually the case). Without weapons in the air, you are a sitting duck. I doubt there is an Air Marshall on every flight as it is. If you have at least a knife, you try and stop the Islamic asshole from getting to the cockpit.

7. Listen to more music, especially at work if you can.

8. Keep yourself updated by checking on news websites. I'm not asking you to not be informed, when I said to give up TV, just not a drooling idiot.

9. Try and get a HSA plan for your health care. This is probably the best way to keep from using Medicare.

10. Home school your kids. That is, if you have kids and can do it. Otherwise, make sure they aren't soaking up all the garbage that teachers teach these days. Try and get a good tutor to supplement their "education."

11. Always discipline your kids. If that means a good paddling, then so be it. Obviously, there is a limit, but a good spanking with a wooden spoon (do they have those still?) or belt will teach them consequences. You may hate yourself then, but when they grow up and move out of your home and get a job and marry a decent person, you'll know that you did a good job.

12. Talk to your kids about sex and teach them about finances. These are two things that should not be left to government skools.

While there is probably more to list, that's what I've got so far. I really have to put up, though, when I do have kids. At least I have a plan for any potential kids I'll have. That's more than I can say for the rest of my generation, who is so damaged by all the bullshit of this country that I doubt things will get any better.

In any case, I hope that enough people will live a better standard that doesn't involve dependency on the government or others unless absolutely needed. One last item, though, that I think will help you deal with opposition:

13. Ignore those who offend you or rile you up. From the homeless guy demanding money to the celebrity who is in rehab, no matter what happens, you need to ignore such nonsense. These kind of people get power from your attention. Don't give them any.