Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why it probably wasn't the "Greatest Generation"

I know that the old saying is that I, being a young man, should respect my elders. But I have often been ahead of the curve in maturity (at least that what's some people have told me) and frankly, I don't have much respect for the majority of the so-called greatest generation and the baby boom generation. At least what they've left my generation to deal with when it comes to the government.

It has been recently reported that the federal government last year had actually a 4 trillion deficit, not a 163 billion deficit. Basically, the accountants in the Federal government didn't count Social Security and Medicare liabilities. Still, 163 billion dollars is huge and these new numbers create an even larger and much more apparent problem.

When the Baby Boomers retire, they'll probably end up in trailer parks and die in ditches. Or worse. They'll move back in with their children. The outlook looks bad for all of us as a massive retirement rears its ugly head. Right now, Medicare is funding people's cancer treatments and heart conditions. How long before the bureaucrats start deciding that people are too old to undergo such treatments when in reality they aren't? How much advancement in medical science will be lost because we've relied too much on government for medical care?

There is only one way to fix this without bankrupting my generation. The Federal government needs to cut spending in all sections by 50% or more. That means they will have to lay off several government workers. It's OK, though. They worked for the government anyway. They will have to completely eliminate several programs that are old or obsolete. Food stamps come to mind. We may also have to eliminate several overseas embassies and start selling off government property to pay down the already massive government debt. We'll have to stop giving away foreign aid and pull out of most military bases. We'll probably have to abandon the war in Iraq and start selling off weapon systems to our allies.

This is all thanks to the greatest generation and the baby boomer generation who taught us that we need the federal government in order to retire and that living in excess is what life is all about. Debt is no longer a sin, but a tool to acquire the things that you deserve. You have dropped the ball and will probably die leaving this young generation to pay for stuff we never wanted or needed.

Well, this individual is through playing your game. I will no longer have a credit card or expect any form of Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. I will save and live well below my means. I will make sure that I take on no debt to get a car or anything else and I will limit the size of the mortgage I get when I buy my house. If that means I have to buy a 2-bedroom, one-bedroom shack, well that's my problem. But I'll just blame you guys for creating a culture of excess and hyperconsumerism which drove housing costs through the roof. I'll also blame your self-righteous guilt since it has cause well over 25% of my earnings to go to people who you normally wouldn't give money to if you passed them on the street. It was this line of selfish guilt that made you not want more refineries, not allow to drill for more oil, allow nuclear power plants to lapse, keep new houses and apartments from being built and thus keep them affordable.

I'll also blame you for the shift in values. Because of that, Paris Hilton is considered a national icon while good men and women are left for dead. People who have good moral values are considered to be hypocrites and boring. God-fearing Christians are constantly portrayed as fanatics and oppressors. And our movies have gotten more violent and more sexual, often times marketed to kids. Your money that you spend each month on Cable TV goes to people who support convicted murderers in their rap careers and companies that keep on looking for ways to sexualize our children at a younger and younger age.

You have given us a world that is in utter chaos and taken up the charge to fix it. And while the world will probably be in constant conflict, regardless of ideology, religion, or lack thereof, you have placed on us the enormous burden of fixing a problem that wasn't ours to fix in the first place. You have also tried to raise us to be guilty for things we weren't responsible for, such as segregation and manifest destiny, and, in doing so, encouraged crime among blacks and Hispanics because they're, after all, "just victims" of the rest of us.

You have given us divorce and given us no motivation to get married. You have divorced over stupid reasons like you're not happy or you're not compatible. You are the most selfish generation I have studied and you won't stop until you're six feet under. Rest in pieces while we mend the wrongs you have brought upon this world. Your generations are nothing but a huge failure. World War II may have been the height of your generation, but for this generation, our 20s won't be the height of ours. After you're long dead, we will be greater than you ever were and we will show the world what should have been done in the first place.

As for me, I will not accept the world you have given me. I will strive to change it for the better. And I hope that my children will do so as well. I wonder if that's what you have hoped for? Probably not, considering your clearly low opinion of us. Maybe years from now we'll look back and laugh, but we'll probably be laughing at you.