Friday, December 14, 2007

Christianity and sex

I don't know about you, but as a Christian I find it odd how the primary reason for opposing Christianity from non-followers is usually sex related. Be it abortion, fornication, homosexuality, etc. there is always a reason that comes back to sex. Apparently, Christians can't seem to destroy the image of being Bible-thumping, asexual fanatics. I guarantee that if you asked a random stranger on the street who doesn't like Christians or Christianity why they think that way, they'll usually mention some issue related to sex.

It's sad to see that our image is tarnished in such a way. I am tired of reading about people who have no real understanding of Christian sexual relations. But I do think that Christians share a large part of the blame for that by not addressing the myths that have come up in the past about it. When the image was put out there, Christian leaders should have addressed it and explained it is more rational terms.

The truth is, Christianity is not about limiting sexual acts. It merely has a defined boundary for safe sexual practices. While this seems like a limitation, it is much closer to protecting us from the negative results of unchecked sexual behavior. God laid out a boundary in sex: a married man and women. Within that boundary, however, there is practically no limit as too what the partners can do.

But I'm sure many of you knew this already (at least, those who bother to read this blog). I am certain that many non-Christians view all of us Christian married couples as having sex in a certain way. This isn't the case and we've not really done well to dispel this myth because, quite frankly, we don't discuss our sex life with other people. Married people in general don't do this, I guess because they have their partner to talk to about it and they really don't want their friends asking awkward questions at dinner parties. But, believe me, if some of you knew, you may blush yourself, regardless of how many pornographic websites you've been too.

Anyway, I do think that Christian pastors should be spending a Sunday out of the year discussing this "hotbutton" topic and describing why God says that sex is only truly enjoyable this way. Almost never do we hear about the emotional side of sex and no one in sex education in government skools describes the differences that boys and girls feel with regard to sex. It's no wonder that my generation is full of sexually-confused, angry individuals who would sooner shoot up a church then pray there.

As for me, I have a bit of confession to make. I am not heterosexual. I am monosexual. And that is the label that Christians should use when describing their own sexuality. What greater love then committing to have sex with only one other person for the rest of your life? How much more intimate can sex be when it is with your best friend, your security blanket, and your inspiration? I am telling you, sex with my wife is probably the most intimate and fulfilling relation I have ever had in my life. And frankly, I have no desire to experience anything else because I am satisfied with my own sex life. Granted, every marriage is as different as every snowflake, but the basic principle is still there. And that doesn't mean that my marriage is perfect; merely that for the time being, this aspect is.

And besides, what's the sense in having sex with someone you don't want to spend your life with? I mean, seriously, how more embarrassing is it to be naked in front of someone you'd rather not be with later on?

To me, God intended human beings to have just one other person for a good reason. Anything outside of that is a perversion and is ultimately damaging to the spiritual health (and sometimes mental and physical health as well) of the participants. I am content in my sex life. What more could I possibly ask for in that regard?